Storage of Mettwursts and Salamis

Fresh or mature sausage: it’s a matter of taste.
Try your sausage at various stages of maturation and find your favourite!

Some like their sausage fresh: think smoky, spicy tenderness between fresh slices of grainy bread. Freshness freaks should keep their sausages refrigerated (see tips below).

Some prefer a firmer sausage; something for the molars to work on as your mouth fills with intense flavour. To mature your sausage, take it out of the plastic bag and store (hang it up, if you can) in a cool, dry pantry. The meat will become drier and the flavours will intensify.

Even if your sausage shrinks and becomes quite dry and hard, don’t waste it! You’ll find it can still be excellent sliced and used in pasta sauces, in soups and on pizzas.


Moisture, warmth and sealed plastic wrap or containers, which can cause the product to ‘sweat’ and encourage the growth of bacteria. If you wish to use a container in the refrigerator, wrap the sausage in something absorbent like paper towel, a clean tea towel or paper bag before enclosing, to absorb moisture. These wrappings can also be used in the pantry but it is better left open to ‘breathe’.

White bloom and mould

A fine white ‘bloom’ on the outside of your sausage is evidence of salts being left behind as moisture evaporates. This is completely fine for consumption. White or green fuzzy moulds can also be a normal part of the maturation process. Just wipe them off with a cloth dampened with vinegar, and rub a bit of cooking oil on the sausage skin to act as a moisture barrier.


Approximately six months from date of purchase, or see packaging.